The Stable Saints Episode #1 Introducing the Stable Saints Meet the Stable Saints in this first episode of four! Two brothers, fourth generation horsemen, renowned musicians, and a barn full of rescued and misfit horses they love and care for! Witness the bond and trust between human and horse grow before your eyes! Hear the back store of these wonderful animals and how they went from abandoned and abused to love and care for from brothers Wendell Jones and Quentin Jones.


The Stable Saints Episode #2: Nevi and Quentin See the bond between Nevi, a rescued horse and Quentin Jones, one of the Stable Saints. When Quentin first meets Nevi, Nevi is untrained and knows very little. Watch as Nevi learns thing like wearing a harness, or a saddle and bridle, how to start and stop, turn left and right, how to get a bath and so much more. See the bond between horse and human grow right before your eyes and see the start of a very special relationship!


The Stable Saints Episode #3: The Ride Nevi has been in training since the every end of May, and it’s the end of July, it’s time to get on and ride. No matter how many precautions you take, you never can tell how a horse will react to being ridden for the first time until you sit on his back. See Nevi go from confused to confident in just a few weeks and over the same about of time see the bond between Nevi and Quentin grow. Who is helping who, you be the judge and jury!

In this episodes Nevi learns to trot while being ridden and has a few challenges along the way. Each day he trots a little faster, and a little stronger. Learn the history behind the Stable Saints and see Nevi get ready for the winter,