Quentin Jones teaches guitar , bass, recording and music business lessons.  Quentin teaches at the Lanark Recording Studio, located at 600 Ole Hickory Road, suit 3oo, Lancaster Pa.

Quentin teaches all levels and all styles including rock, blues, country, rockabilly and more. He can teach you to play by ear, to read music, or how to play just for the fun of it. His classes are easy to understand and he will get you playing you favorite music in no time.

“If you are a beginner, I will get you playing music and songs right from the start, if you are an intermediate player, I will show you how to get to the next level, and if you are advanced, I can clear things up and coach you to be your best.”- Quentin Jones

 "Took lessons on and off over the years couldnt grasp it ...after only a couple lessons with Quentin a light is going on and the puzzle is starting to come together ..his teaching method is great ...worth every penny so glad i found him ...he teaches you HOW to play guitar and not just bits and pieces of songs" -Bruce Andrews, student

Here's what his students have to say!!!!


If you’re a beginner, start playing music right away no wasting time!

If you’re an intermediate player learn how to make head or tails of chords and scales and how they work together….easy methods to improved soloing!

And advance students will learn to play music from the heart and how to be an expert at improvising!

“I am sure if you shop around you will find that I am not the least expensive guitar teacher. The reason is that I am a musician first and a guitar teacher second. Most teachers today are the opposite. I feel that in order to be a good teacher to my students I should limit the amount of students I take at any one time. I do this because I believe that learning guitar goes above and beyond just taking lessons and I want to be available to my students anytime they have questions. I have found that having a fewer students benefit everyone.”Quentin Jones


Quentin has played guitar with some of the most important names in Rock history like Al Kooper, Graham Nash, Peter Noone and Herman’s Hermits, Charlie Gracie, Robert Gordon, Linda Gail Lewis and many others. He is a well-known music producer and songwriter.”

Guitar Coaching

This personalized class consists of four 45 minute sessions and is designed for the intermediate to advanced guitarist. We  study soloing, scales, improvising, and basic chord structure and knowledge. The class is customized to fit the playing level, needs and interest of the student and can be extended by four more sessions if the student feels they can benefit more. Part of each lesson will be applying your new skills by playing and jamming with Quentin himself.



For pricing and more infomation. give Quentin a call (717) 333-7633 or

e mail him quentinscottjones@gmail.com 

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