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Quentin Jones is a Hall of Fame guitarist and is endorsed by Gretsch Guitars. 

Quentin Jones has played and recorded guitar with some of the most important names in rock and roll history, among them are, Al Kooper, Graham Nash, Peter Noone and Herman’s Hermits, Robert Gordon, Marshall Crenshaw, the Rockats, Linda Gail Lewis, Billy Burnett, Johnny Neel, and Charlie Gracie, who took Quentin on the road with him when he was the opening act for Van Morrison. Gracie talks about Jones’s talent and musical abilities in the book about Gracie’s life and career, “Rock N Rolls Hidden Giant. 

Quentin has own unique style and sound. He has gained fame playing rock-n-roll, blues, surf, rockabilly and old time country and western. Quentin is endorsed by Gretsch guitars and in 2016 he was enshrined in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Nashville Tennessee. 

Along with being one of today’s top guitarist, Quentin is a well-known music producer and songwriter. His music appears in movies, network television shows, DVDs and has be recorded by some of the world’s top artists. 

Quentin’s music and projects have been covered by publications like Billboard Magazine, Mojo Magazine, Rolling Stone Magazine, Goldmine magazine, The NY Daily News, the Philadelphia Inquirer, to name just a few, and Quentin has been featured in a number of books. 

He is the founding member of the internationally known cult band the Reach Around Rodeo Clowns. The band has released six, critically acclaimed albums that gained attention from, fans, press and other artist, including some of rocks founding fathers, British Invasion bands and even author Stephen King! 

Today Quentin can be heard and seen singing and playing guitar with his band mates, drummer David Uosikkinen and bassist Kenny Aaronson, as QDK. These three legendary musicians have joined forces to keep rock and roll, electric blues, surf, and rockabilly music alive and well into the 21st century. The band is currently producing their debt recordings do to be release late 2020. 

Quentin plays guitar for Dr Harmonica’s Rockett 88. Rockett 88 has made a name for itself playing rock, boogie and blues for 40 plus years. Quentin is the guitar player the band chose to represent them during their induction into the Delaware Rock and roll hall of fame in 2019. 

Quentin also plays with The Quentin Jones Trio, a fun, upbeat and entertaining trio of guitar, keyboards and bass that is perfect parties, events and holiday functions!  And if that’s not enough, Quentin performs his music solo with his big red Gretsch guitar at every conceivable type of event of venue. 

When Quentin is not playing and recording music, he is teaching students how to play guitar or bass. Quentin teaches in person at his studio in Lancaster Pa, or on line via Zoom and Facetime. Quentin also acts as a consultant to artists and bands who want to increase their live shows or promote their music. 

During Quentin’s “downtime” he takes care of and trains a rescued horse named Nevi. Nevi was on the way to be slaughtered for meat when he as saved and sent to Quentin’s brother Wendell Jones, farm. Wendell, who is also the singer in the Reach Around Rodeo Clowns, asked Quentin to help him at the stable during the shutdown of 2020. The bond between Quentin and Nevi grew so strong that Quentin adopted Nevi that summer. Quentin has gone on to produce a web based documentary called the Stable Saints about his journey with Nevi. 

Jones' musical career began humbly. He grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where his father and grandfather were famous show horse and harness racing trainers. His first guitar was given to him by his older brother Bruce, which in true rock & roll fashion was stolen from his uncle.  Quentin’s great grandmother, Catherine MacDonald was known as the ‘nightingale of Scotland” in Scotland. At the turn of the 20th century she came to the United States, to attend the Boston Conservatory of Music and was mentored by Mrs. Andrew Carnegie. Sadly soon after she came to America she passed away. Jones’s great great great great grandfather was a pallbearer at George Washington funeral. 

Quentin’s Mother, Lila Sands Jones was a lyric soprano who performed in opera, concert, radio and tv. She recorded for Vox Records in the early 1960s. She was a protégé of Helen Jepson, a leading soprano at the Metropolitan Opera and Hollywood star.   

Quentin began writing songs and recording them in fifth grade, after hearing Paul McCartney’s solo album “McCartney”. In 1983, Jones started a mersybeat-based band called the Crooners. That group released an all-original 14 song album on Llist Records. The disc received  glowing reviews; critics compared the band's sound to those of the early Beatles, Zombies, and Hollies.  

Throughout his life, Quentin has had diverse musical taste. He was, though, particular to most of the British invasion bands. Other influences gathered over the years included the Beach Boys, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Hendrix, and many more. These artists, along with newer ones, would help shape Jones’ guitar playing and his sound .

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